Trader provides hands-on training on vegetable harvesting and handling

October 1st, 2018

Previously two vegetable production groups at Balam were linked to trader for enhancing the vegetable marketing and value chain. As a follow up and to keep the support continual towards improving the whole chain, a three-day hands-on training starting 24th till 26th September 2018 on proper harvesting techniques and post-harvest handling was imparted to the two focused groups under the pilot producer-trader linkage program. The training was led by the identified trader himself and was with an intent to make farmers aware of the importance of proper handling of vegetables for producing quality vegetables for easy marketability and to fetch competitive price. A total of 31 farmers participated in the training (28 F and 3 M).

During the course of the training, the groups were also sensitized on the basics of Cost of Production and Profit-Loss analysis through practical book keeping sessions.  Most importantly, the farmer’s diary was reviewed which was followed by the review of production plan as well.

In the last day of the training, the farmers were deployed to their respective fields to do the harvesting in close reference to the on- field harvesting and handling training mainly to assess the training outcome and for opportunistic marketing. A drastic improvement was observed especially in the post-harvest handling and packaging. The training ended with trader procuring 1.3 MT of fairly quality vegetables worth approximately Nu. 15,230.00 (fifteen thousand two hundred and thirty only).


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