Value Chain Development and Marketing

Programme activities would contribute to three outputs to develop value chains and marketing infrastructure to commercialize smallholder agriculture:

  1. Resilient vegetable and dairy value chains developed:
    • by designing and implementing a strategy and business plan for enterprise development
  2. Agricultural commercialization and enterprise development strengthened through:
    • support for  agriculture enterprise development by building organization and business capacities of farmers’ groups, cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs, particularly the youth;
    • facilitation of access to institutional finance;
    • social inclusion in producer groups;
    • support for market-linked production; and
    • development of multi-stakeholder platforms and networks to share opportunities and address bottlenecks.
  3. Development of community-driven market infrastructure by:
    • planning, design, and installation of value chain infrastructure for dairy and vegetable value chains, including 90 milk collection sheds, 24 milk collection centers with chillers and 4 milk processing units;
    • providing investments for vegetable value chain infrastructure; and
    • providing investments for dairy value chain infrastructure.
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