Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Programme is to “sustainably increase smallholder producers’ incomes and reduce poverty through commercialization of production by programme households”.

The key impact indicators at the goal level will be:

  • 5 336 direct beneficiary HH report at least 25% improvement in HH asset index, as compared to baseline (disaggregated by HHs-head gender)
  • 15% reduction in the prevalence of child malnutrition as compared to baseline
  • = 23 180 smallholder HH supported in coping with the effects of climate change


The objective of the Programme is “increased returns to smallholder farmers through climate resilient production of crops and livestock products in nationally organized value chains and marketing systems”. The key impact indicators at the development objective level will be:

  • Additional 1 500 tons of vegetables, 452 tons of rice/maize and 3 million litres of milk produced in programme areas
  • Vegetable value chain fully developed and scaled-up nation-wide
  • Dairy value chain fully developed and scaled-up in the six eastern dzongkhags
  • 32 000 hectares of land with rehabilitated or restored ecosystem services
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