Vegetable Value Chain

An integrated value chain approach is critical for the vegetable value chain as production at semi-commercial/commercial scale is relatively new in the country. With a dual purpose of commercialization and poverty reduction, CARLEP shall focus on Vegetable Value chain. It is very convenient for the small and resource poor farmers to engage in vegetable production due to low investment cost and faster returns. The programme aims to established 300 new vegetable farmers’ groups and strengthen the existing ones within potential production area, and connecting them to both domestic and export market. There is a significant increase in the domestic demand of vegetables, while at the same time, the off-season market export market for vegetables can also be tapped.

The programme in consultation with respective Dzongkhags have selected Gewogs with demonstrated production potential, relative accessibility to road and marketing channels, demonstrated interest and commitment of communities and farmers’ organization for Vegetable Value Chain.


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