Market-led Sustainable Agriculture Production

The three outputs envisaged to increase market-led farm production are:

  1. Increased production resilience, diversification and innovation to be achieved by:
    • promoting climate smart agriculture production, crops and livestock diversification and management practices;
    • strengthening existing farmers’ groups and establishing new groups;
    • strengthening extension services and increasing their outreach, including through lead farmers;
    • support for agricultural inputs, including seeds;
    • developing water use efficient irrigation by upgrading 700 acre of existing dysfunctional irrigation systems and piloting three lift irrigation systems in four southern dzongkhags;
    • agricultural innovations (e-agriculture and permaculture); and
    • a pilot to strengthen local institutions for increased smallholder climate resilience.
  2. Intensification and expansion of vegetable production by:
    • strengthening 120 existing vegetable producers’ groups and promoting and capacitating 300 new groups;
    • providing climate resilient vegetable seeds and 1 900 sets of sprinkler or drip irrigation systems; and
    • supporting vegetable seed research and production.
  3. Intensification and expansion of dairy production by:
    • strengthening 43 existing smallholder dairy farmers’ groups and establishing 150 new groups;
    • improving service outreach for livestock including Community Animal Health Worker (CAHW) model;
    • supporting fodder and feed production;
    • providing 2 000 crossbred cows and materials to construct cowsheds; and
    • installing 800 bio-gas units.
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