Programme Management

The Office of the Programme Management (OPM) has been established at Wenkhar, Mongar with the responsibility to look after the overall programme management on a day-to-day basis. Adequate human resources from MoAF has been placed at OPM with various responsibility. OPM is responsible for the coordination of planning, fund management and disbursement, monitoring and evaluation and reporting. Other important functions of OPM include gender mainstreaming, monitoring & evaluation and knowledge management. The key M&E functions will include conducting baseline survey, vulnerability assessment, endline survey, annual outcome surveys, RIMS, MTR, PCR and special studies besides coordinating for IFAD’s supervision and implementation support missions.

OPM will also be responsible for generating knowledge from programme interventions and disseminate/share the knowledge including good practices, successful initiatives and unsuccessful results with all the key stakeholders, particularly RGoB and IFAD. OPM will also be responsible for the successful closure of the programme at the end of the programme period.

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