Implementing Arrangements

The Office of the Programme Management will lead the overall implementation of the project lead by the National Project Director who will mainly facilitate linkages and coordination in line with the AWPB,  National Program Steering Committee (NPSC) and a Regional Project Implementation committee (RPIC) to ensure the project is in line with the project design, MoAF policies, strategies and funding requirements. Its actual implementation through components will be lead by the respective CMs with assistance of the Regional Agencies through appointment of key focal persons to provide technical assistance and at the Dzongkhags and Gewogs, respective Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers and Dzongkhag Livestock officer with their Gewog extension officers will lead implementation in the field. The CMs and the focal persons from the regional production and marketing agencies will maintain consistent interaction with the Dzongkhag and Gewog Extension officers for agriculture and livestock and assist them in the implementation.

Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC Wengkhar)

RNR ARDC Wengkhar will assist implementation of the agriculture production component by providing technical assistance in agriculture production (cereal crops and horticulture). The centre will also initiate promotion of the concepts of permaculture innovations and lead farmer approach in agriculture extension and outreach to enhance production and commercialisation of agriculture in the region mainly focussing on off season production, integration of fruits, vegetables and cereal crops. ARDC Wengkhar with the support of the project will also develop, test and promote climate resilient agriculture technologies for both cereal and horticulture crops, enhance technical capacity of farmers through hands on practice approach and link with the establishment of commodity crop based villages in the region. The centre through its communication sector will also complement in the knowledge management by developing extension materials, activity write ups, updates and develop a knowledge sharing mechanism.

The Regional Research and Development centre will also seek assistance of the central service agencies namely National Plant Protection Centre, National Soil Services, National Post Harvest Centre, National Mushroom Centre, National Organic Program, Agriculture Machinery Centre and National Seed Centre in respective areas of technical assistance.

Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC Khangma)

RLDC Khangma will assist in the implementation of livestock production component by providing technical assistance in livestock production (dairy production and dairy technology). The RLDC will lead the implementation Lead Farmers in livestock for farmers-to-farmers extension services and Community Animal Health Worker (CAHW) model. The Centre will operate, implement and manage these extension models with the aim of scaling-up nation-wide and also sustaining the operations to benefit the livestock and dairy farmers as also self-sustaining engagements for the CAHW in due course. Livestock related components of the project will be coordinated and managed by the Regional Livestock Development Centre in Khangma. With its regional mandate, it will provide technical support and backstopping to Dzongkhag for livestock development activities, while ensuring adequate monitoring of activities in the field. The Centre will also contribute to the knowledge management aspect of the project in the areas of good practices in livestock and dairy activities.

The Regional Livestock Development Centre at Khangma will also seek assistance and mobilise necessary production inputs from other regional agencies mandated for input supples in the region namely  Regional Pig and Poultry Farm,  Regional Nublang Farm, Regional Mithun Breeding Farm and Regional Centre for Aquaculture.

Koufuko International Limited

Participation of Koufuko International Limited (KIL) in the dairy value chain implementation has established assured market for fresh milk produced by the dairy farmers through strengthening of  linkages between dairy plant and dairy farmers. The value-added products produced by the dairy plant is targeted to meet domestic demand, especially processed cheese produced under the brand name “Druk Zambala Cheese” besides other products such as yoghurt, butter, ghee and ice cream.

Regional Agriculture Marketing Office (RAMCO)

The RAMCO at Mongar under the DAMC in close coordination with the Manager for Marketing for Value Chain at the OPM and FCBL will be responsible for market research and information sharing, identifying farm shop sites, establish new structures for farm shops, identification of active groups and linking with schools and institutions, form new community production and marketing groups and their capacity development taking forward the experiences from AMEPP and MAGIP. Considering the increasing youth unemployment problems in the country, RAMCO shall also promote entrepreneurial development and youth engagement in commercialisation of farming and inculcate cost sharing through establishing proper linkages with credit schemes.

Dzongkhag and Gewog Administrations

The Dzongkhags and Gewogs extension centres operating in the project sites and locations will be responsible for identifying project interventions in consultation with the Gewog Tshogde, Gup, Gewog Administrative Officer (GAO), Gewog Extension Agents (EA) and Tshogpas with support of the Dzongkhag Agriculture and Planning Office. They will also lead implementation of the Dzongkhag and Gewogs based activities with technical assistance from the agencies of the line Departments such as RLDC, ARDC, RAMCO and FCBL, RPBC, RNBF, RMBC, RCA and RAMC.

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