Sensitization Workshop on End to End Procurement System

December 12th, 2023

A two-day sensitization workshop on end to end IFAD procurement system, which began on 12 December 2023, is underway at Deothjung Hotel Trashigang. The workshop is being currently attended by the 10 Procurement Officers and Store Assistants of the six Eastern districts and ARDC, Wengkhar. The objective of the workshop is to sensitize Procurement Officers on the IFAD end to end procurement system that has been rolled out to all the IFAD projects. The system requires the IFAD projects to provide single, coherent solutions in terms of project procurement plan to the tracking of no objection decision all the way to the contract signature. This would mean that the procurement officers are required to submit tender documents to OPM for both prior and post review procurement so as to enable OPM to upload in the OPEN system for obtaining IFAD clearance in each stage of procurement workflow.

During the workshop, the Procurement Officers will also be downloading the required documents from the eGP system such as draft bidding documents, technical specifications, formal procurement requisition, issued bidding documents, procurement notice, bid opening report, evaluation report, notification of award, draft contract, signed contract and performance security and then submit to OPM, CARLEP. The workshop will end on 13 December 2023.

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