Out of School Youth Begins Mushroom Business to Support his Single Mother in Berpa Village under Khoma Gewog, Lhunetse.

April 10th, 2024

Karma Wangdi, aged 24 is a pioneering figure from Berpa, Khoma. He is a vibrant and commendable young individual venturing into the realm of mushroom entrepreneurship. Despite having completed only up to the 12th standard due to financial constraints within his family, Karma exhibits remarkable determination and resilience. Unlike many youths who succumb to the allure of urban migration, Karma chose to remain rooted in his hometown. After enduring four years of hardships in the village, Karma made a pivotal decision to delve into mushroom farming in early 2022. He initiated his venture by cultivating both shiitake and oyster mushrooms in a makeshift, cost-effective shed. As his journey progressed, Karma’s dedication attracted the attention of the funding agency CARLEP, which provided him with invaluable hands-on training in mushroom cultivation and management towards the end of 2022. CARLEP-IFAD further assisted Karma in procuring equipment worth Nu. 200,000 through a cost-sharing arrangement. Despite encountering losses in 2022 due to his limited expertise in mushroom management, Karma’s unwavering perseverance and subsequent success inspired him to pursue mushroom farming as his primary source of income. He garnered an income of Nu. 30,000 in the year 2023. Currently, Karma is filled with optimism as his mushroom business shows promising signs of growth. He envisions an improved quality of life as his venture continues to flourish. Presently, he owns over 1000 mushroom bags, with more than 400 bags exhibiting the early signs of fruitful yield.

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