Opportunities for Specialized Training in Dairy Equipment Repair and Maintenance

September 30th, 2022

In order to create a pool of technical expertise and generate interest of youths and NTI graduates to establish specialized service centres in the region, the CARLEP project in collaboration with TTI, Rangjung and Biomedical specialists from NCAH, Serbithang is planning to impart “Specialized Training on Dairy Equipment Repair and Maintenance at TTI, Rangjung” to Technicians from Regional Centers, preferably electrical or mechanical background, Youths NTI graduates and Techno-savvy Personnel who are currently involved in repair and maintenance of equipment of any sort.

Interested youth can REGISTER with their respective Dzongkhag Livestock Officer within 10TH OCTOBER 2022.

Contact the Livestock Component Manager from OPM at 04641237 during office hours for inquiries.

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