Oat Cultivation: A Winter Lifeline for Shermuhoong Farmers

March 7th, 2024

In response to the scarcity of feed and fodder during the lean season, farmers in Shermuhoong gewog under Mongar Dzongkhag have turned to Oat cultivation in the previously used wetlands left fallow during winter. With financial support from CARLEP, 23 kilograms of Oat seed were distributed individually, benefiting a total of 30 farmers, comprising 18 females and 12 males from the gewog. The cultivated land area reached an estimated 19.8 acres in 2024. This initiative has significantly reduced their reliance on wild feed and fodder, freeing up time for other economic activities. Notably, it has played a crucial role in providing continuous feed for cattle even during winter months, ensuring better yields. The farmers express relief from concerns about insufficient feed during the winter season. Additionally, women in Shermuhoong gewog now feel more at ease and motivated to actively engage in livestock activities, marking a positive impact on the community’s overall well-being.  

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