Inauguration of Sales Outlet in Mongar

December 1st, 2018

The inagural of sales counter at Mongar on 1st December 2018 was graced by Dasho Dzongrab. The event was attended by IFAD Mission along with Regional Sector heads, OPM Staffs and youth groups.
The establishment of sales counter was supported by RAMCO in collaboration with Dzongkhag through fund support from CARLEP (Nu. 2.3 Million) in line with enterprise developement through product diversification and youth engagement. The structure is divided into two compartments; dairy and agro-processed sale counters . The structure will be utilised by youth groups (Zhokar Om Detshen and Nutri-food Product group ) to sale their locally processed products.
The products available for sales are cupped yogurts, local cheese balls, butter, pouched pastuerised milk, cookies and fruit candies.
The price information board for agricultural commodities at various markets, installed at the Mongar Market Shed through CARLEP support was also inaugurated subsequently on the same day.DSC04946_1

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