Gongthung Cattle Rally Inspires Regional Farmers to Rear Hybrid Cattle

May 14th, 2024

To encourage farmers to rear hybrid cattle and motivate those already doing so, the District Livestock Officer organized daylong cattle show yesterday at Gongthung village in Yangnyer Gewog, Trashigang, with funding from CARLEP-IFAD. Gongthung was chosen for the event as its dairy farmers group produces the highest quantity of milk in the district and is regarded as a rapidly progressing group with over 300 high-breed cattle. The gathering included cattle and members of the Druk Chithun Nyamley Tshogdey, the dairy farmers group of Gongthung, formed in 2015 with 65 registered members who rear Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows. During the event, owners took turns presenting their cows in the ring for assessment. The cattle were evaluated in three categories: milking cow, dry cow and heifer, and calf. A panel of judges assessed the cattle based on criteria such as body structure, hoof size, nipple size, and color. Cash prizes ranging from Nu 3,000 to 8,000 were awarded to the winners, and cattle feed was given as consolation prizes. The district livestock officer stated that the event aimed to encourage farmers to transition from local breeds to hybrid cattle to increase productivity. Currently, around 30 percent of farmers in Yangnyer Gewog rear local cattle breeds.

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