Clean Milk Production monitoring

September 12th, 2017

Regular and surprise visits of the cattle sheds of the dairy group members supplying milk to the dairy plant at Chenary, Trashigang are currently being made by the staff of Regional Livestock Development Center, Khangma and District Veterinary Hospital, Trashigang. The 5 a.m visits during the morning milking time are mainly to monitor and observe the clean milk production practices as adopted by these group members.

All ten dairy groups at various places of Samkhar, Radhi, Songphu and Yangneer Gewog comprising of 179 male and 134 female members and supplying fresh milk to the dairy plant had been trained by the center on clean milk production during the FY 16-17 under CARLEP funding.

Quality and clean milk being an integral part for the guarantee of the farmers’ future, the specialized training on clean milk production was mainly aimed for the followings:

  1. Understanding the concept of “Clean Milk”
  2. Realizing the importance and advantages of clean milk production
  3. Learning and practicing the measures of clean milk production
  4. Understanding the current production scenario of the Chenary dairy plant at Trashigang.
  5. Producing better quality milk with lower contamination.

Such training had been helpful in educating and creating awareness of clean milk and its production among the dairy farmers as majority of the farmers have now been observed to be practicing clean milk production measures. However, some farmers had to be advised again on the same. The farmers strive hard to produce safe and the best quality milk to fetch the best price accordingly.

Likewise, similar training had also been provided to 5 Dairy Farmers Groups in Monggar, 3 in Pemagatshel and 4 in Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhags.  While those dairy groups which would be supplying milk from Monggar to the Dairy plant at Chenary in the long run had been targeted for the training, the dairy groups in the other two Dzongkhags with good potential of milk production and supplying fresh milk to the consumers had been targeted. The quality of the milk from these groups is hoped to be drastically improved.

The 5 a.m surprise cattle shed visits and monitoring shall be done soon in these groups as well.

Contributed by: Tashi Zam, RLDC, Kanglung


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