Audio visuals from ARDC Wengkhar on YouTube

September 12th, 2018

ARDC-Wengkhar, DoA MoAF has developed short AV products on the implementation of field program in collaboration with various donor programs such as, JICA, GoI Support to MoAF and CARLEP-IFAD, MoAF. These materials as listed below are available on the

Title Year of compilation Subject Based  on Activities supported by
ARDC Farming Technology Options 2017 Commercial farming technologies and approaches HRDP JICA and CARELP-IFAD
Horticulture Dev in Eastern Bhutan – Experiences of Japan Bhutan Technical Cooperation 2014 Experiences of Japan Bhutan TCP HRDP JICA
CARLEP – An Introduction 2017 Introduction to CARELP-IFAD Programs CARLEP – IFAD
Quinoa Field Day 2017 Quinoa
HTMA Field Day 2017 Heat Tolerant Maize Crop – PVS GOI- Support to MoAF

The materials were developed by the center’s Knowledge Management Group created jointly by the center and OPM-CARELP – IFAD, MoAF.

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