A Youth Finds Success in Horticulture Nursey: A Case of Khemsar Horticulture Nursery at Wengkhar

November 24th, 2022

Kinzang Wangchuk, 26, from Banjar, Tsamang is one of the matching grant recipients. He established the Khemsar Horticulture Nursery in Wengkhar, Mongar, which is a fruit seedlings nursery. He holds a degree in  BSc. Sustainable Development.

In 2020, he came to Mongar to visit his sister who works in Wengkhar. During his visit to ARDC Wengkhar, he learned about the income opportunities offered by the fruit nursery and immediately decided to go for it. He later approached ARDC Wengkhar for advice on developing the nursery and was later introduced to a matching grant scheme where he received 50% financial support from CARLEP. The 50 % of his investment is linked to personal savings and loan from His Majesty’s Kidu Relief support loan scheme through Queens Project Office.

With the matching grant and Kidu Relief support, he began his nursery in 2021.

“I never would have begun my nursery if it weren’t for my family’s unwavering support. My family played a bigger role in getting me to where I am now”, says Kinzang.

Kinzang invested Nu. 0.085 million in his first year of implementation in addition to the matching grant contribution, and earned Nu. 0.194 million by selling avocado to the Million Fruit Tree Program and the Fruit Intensification Program. Due to assured market and a good return on investment, Kinzang plans to produce 6000 more avocado seedlings in 2023.

As there is good market assurance for fruit seedlings in the country, Kinzang urges all unemployed youths to start up similar businesses and start earning their own living like him. He aspires to see more young people following his footsteps.

“I feel that making money is reliant upon one’s own hard work and I have a first-hand experience in it”, says Kinzang.

Kinzang is one of the exemplary youths today. Like Kinzang, CARLEP will continue to assist youths in bringing about positive change for more diverse, equitable, and sustainable communities through grants, skill development and capacity building.



Article by: Tshering Yangchen, Horticulture officer, ARDC Wengkhar, and Chhimi Lhamo, GKMO,OPM

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