Growing Hope With Hybrid Maize Seeds in Udzorong

March 11th, 2024

Following the conclusion of the International Training Workshop on Quality Hybrid Maize Seed Production and Distribution held in collaboration with CIMMYT in November 2023, the National Maize Program under ARDC Wengkhar has initiated on-farm hybrid maize seed production at Lamzang village under Udozorong geog in collaboration with the Geog Agriculture Sector, covering an area of 0.33 acres.

The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the maize hybridization program and improve domestic seed systems, ultimately leading to increased maize production. Recognizing the novelty of this approach for local farmers, the program prioritizes capacity building through practical demonstrations and hands-on training. Consequently, on March 3rd, 2024, a group of 17 farmers from Udzorong participated in a demonstration focusing on fundamental agronomic practices, including land preparation, field layout, and the strategic planting of male and female parental lines.

The program anticipates further equipping these farmers with practical training in detasseling, emasculating, and bulk pollination by April-May 2024. This comprehensive approach aimed in achieving self-sufficiency in maize production for Bhutan, is being supported by CARLEP-IFAD/MoAL under hybrid maize intensification program that seeks to enhance livelihoods and community resilience.

Updated by Sonam Chophel (GKMO)

Reported by Kinzang Thinley (Sr. Agriculture Officer, Field Crops Program, ARDC-Wengkhar)

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