Youth Seminar called ‘Farmers’ Dialogue’ been conducted on 6th of March, 2017.

March 2nd, 2017

Over the last few years, the youth; the educated youth inclusive of the graduates in Bhutan has made an impressive move in the farming businesses.

While the Nation at large is moaning for the rise in youth unemployment rate with 9.4% in 2014, there are over 1200 youths taking up the farming business in the six Eastern Dzongkhags, alone.

To still retain these youth in the farm is the responsibility of everyone because farming is rarely a first option of each youth. Given a chance, everybody prefers living in the urban areas with the expected better facilities and the better services.

As a part of counter measures to recognize, encourage and motivate the existing graduate-youth farmers, and to take account of what these youths farmers are doing, their plans and the scope for commercialization and also to identify their critical needs and supports from the external agencies, the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forest, Lyonpo Yeshi Dorji chaired a day long ‘Youth Seminar on Graduate Farmers’ on 6th March, 2017.

About 24 graduate farmers from the six Eastern Dzongkhags with the DLO and DAO of the programme Dzongkhags, representative from the CARLEP implementing agencies and the focal person of REDCL from each six Dzongkhags are cordially observed the day.

The CARLEP-IFAD which not only targets to uplift the rural poverty but also considers the welfare of the women, youth and marginalized portion of population funded the event.

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