“Reinventing agricultural production and marketing”

September 17th, 2020

Virtual meeting on “reinventing agricultural production and marketing to tackle COVID-19 impacts” has been conducted

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, concerns over ensuring food security have been raised. In this regard, there is a need to strengthen and reorient internal agricultural production and marketing in the east adhering to the value chain approaches under CARLEP Programme.

In order to prepare ourselves and related stakeholders for the sustainable supply of the agricultural products especially in winter seasons, with established marketing strategies amid the COVID 19 pandemic, the Office of the programme Management (OPM), CARLEP has organized a virtual meeting today, 17th September 2020 involving the regional offices (ARDC Wengkhar, RLDC Kanglung, RAMCO Mongar), RNR-sectors, and BLDC.

Some of the key discussion points addressed during the meeting are:

  • Key lessons learned in coordinating agriculture and livestock production, marketing and supply chain
  • COVID-19 impacts on export and import
  • Drawing out clear production plan and estimated production from each Dzongkhag/gewog, especially for winter season
  • Product aggregation/collection and marketing and participation of vendors
  • Product quality and pricing- Sorting, grading at different supply chain level
  • Identification of strategic storage facilities and distribution network
  • Identification of potential market links (FCBL, BLDCL, KIL, local vendors, etc.)
  • Production and market facilitation roles and responsibilities of Dzongkhags/RAMCO/RLDC/ARDC/KIL
  • Reorientation and adjustments of CARLEP AWPB amid COVID-19 pandemic

The outcome of the above discussions is expected to strengthen production base throughout the seasons, well established supply chain model that are resilient to any shocks. Ultimately, aiming for the development of concrete production and marketing system development targeted towards enhancing national food security as well as export market.

Reported by: Chhimi Lhamo, GKMO, CARLEP

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