Thrinangphu Farmers Install Electric Fencing to Combat Wildlife Encroachment

April 9th, 2020

Agriculture plays an important role in the lives of Thrinangphu farmers under Narang gewog, Mongar as it is the main source of income. The farmers in this village grow maize, potato, chili, cabbage, and other commodities for sustaining a livelihood. Of the total produces, some are kept for self-consumption, while most are sold in the local market for income. However, their source of income has been greatly challenged by wild life encroachment as most of the crops are often raided and destroyed by wildlife like wild boars, wild pigs, monkeys, etc. Due to wildlife encroachment, farmers have experienced a huge loss in terms of production leading to poor income generation.  

To address the issue, CARLEP-IFAD supported the installation of electric fencing covering 11.8 acres on a cost-sharing modality where the project provided the financial support to procure materials and other necessary equipment while the farmers provided labor contribution for the installation. A total of 7 HHs (male 3 and female 4) is benefiting from the program. During the installation, the farmers are also being trained on the operation and maintenance of the electric fence.

The farmers are awaiting the summer vegetable cultivation and anticipating for more production to reach the local market with electric fence put in place.

The Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector has initiated the work since 29th March 2020 and is expecting to be completed by 12th April 2020.  

Information updates from Dorji Tshering, ES, Narang Gewog

Reported by Chhimi Lhamo, GKMO

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