Three greenhouses from CARLEP in Dramitse

January 16th, 2018

About 75% of the population in Dramitse gewog under Mongar Dzongkhag depends on vegetable farming as a main source of livelihoods. However, the vegetables of these farmers were exposed to the direct atmospheric heat and cold, which often has impeded the 100% germination of seeds.

Realizing this issue and also to promote the commercial scale production of the vegetables, the Agriculture sector of the gewog initiated for the support of three number of greenhouses in three different villages: Gashari, Laymi, and Pangthara with the fund support from CARLEP.

The greenhouses are currently operated by a total of 41 farmers (4 male & 37 female) who are the members of the Vegetable Producers Group of these three villages and the structures will be basically used in vegetable nursery raising.

According to the report by the Gewog Agriculture Extension Officer (GAEO), the installation of the greenhouse can minimize the seed loss up to 95% and ensure 100% seed germination. Moreover, the green house will promote the disease free and quality seeds and seedlings. The GAEO also reports that the installation of the greenhouse has encouraged the farmers to expand their production area. This year, the farmers are expecting to harvest some total vegetables of 50-70 metric ton.

-Updated by Dorji Tshering (Gewog Agriculture Extension Officer, Dramitse)

-Compiled by Karma Wangmo

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