The First Implementation Support Mission for CARLEP completed

March 29th, 2017

The first Implementation Support Mission (ISM) from IFAD to Bhutan for CARLEP has completed successfully. The mission that was commenced from 19th March till 28th March, 2017 was led by Mr. Emmaunel Jouve (Climate Adaptation Specialist) and Mr. Kaushal Man Shresthra (M&E and Knowledge Management Specialist) from IFAD.
The key objective of the ISM was to review the progress of CARLEP since the first Supervision Mission (15 Oct- 02 Nov, 2016) and reviewing the various guidelines and strategies developed for the Programme.
The mission made the various field visits in the programme sites of Samdrup Jonkhar, Trashiyangtse and Mongar Dzongkhags, concentrating on the vegetable, dairy and irrigation schemes that are been initiated/supported by the respective Dzongkhags, ARDC and RLDC through CARLEP funding (details of the field visit can be viewed here).
Following the four-days field visit, the mission team put their efforts in reviewing and finalizing documents and M&E System such as Agriculture and livestock guidelines and manuals, Online Reporting System (ORS), Result and Impact Management System (RIMS) format and M&E matrix.

In parallel, the mission members also met with and updated the progresses, plans and issues of RAMCO, RLDC Kanglung and ARDC, Wengkhar.
The mission also presented the ‘Key Agreed Actions and Responsibilities’, noting-in the lessons and the way forward for the implementation of the activities. Meanwhile, the next Supervision mission for CARLEP from IFAD will be in Bhutan tentatively by November, 2017.

-Reported through KM section, OPM.

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