Agriculture and Livestock technology exhibition at Weringla, Mongar;

December 19th, 2017

The Agriculture and Livestock sector of Mongar Dzongkhag organized a day long Farmers Field Festival called the ‘Agriculture and Livestock technology exhibition” on 17th December, 2017, coinciding with the celebration of 110th National day at Weringla Dungkhag. The exhibition was primarily targeted to showcase the modern farming technologies to the farmers of two remote Gewogs of Silambi and Gongdu.

During the exhibition various farming technologies such as green house, electric fencing, water sprinkles, integrated fruit & vegetables orchard, a kitchen garden, nursery raising, vermi-composting, and the improved seeds were displayed. Similarly, the livestock sector demonstrated on backyard dairy & poultry production along with use of chaff cutters and dairy processing equipment like butter churner & cream separator. The farmers were also introduced to bee-keeping techniques.
The exhibition was graced by the Dasho Dzongdag of Mongar Dzongkhag. More than 400 farmers from two gewogs participated in the exhibition. The event was also witnessed by students, monks and civil servants.
The program was funded by CARLEP with an objective to create awareness and disseminate new or improved farming technology options. This would provide opportunities for rural communities to diversify the farming practices to enhance their livelihoods.

-Update by: Karma Wangmo

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