Poultry Farm at LUC Kheri Started Producing Eggs

March 17th, 2020

Land User Certificate (LUC) Kheri under Lumang Gewog, Trashigang Dzongkhag is ready to market their first batch of eggs, produced from a recently established poultry farm. Before the establishment of a poultry farm, the vegetable was the only source of income for the youths of LUC Kheri.  Although the income from the vegetable is decent, the slow rate of return often challenged the youths with an irregular influx of income for the farm management.

Therefore, a semi-commercial poultry farm was established at LUC Kheri with fund support from CARLEP-IFAD and technical assistance from the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector and Regional Livestock Development Center, Kanglung. The construction of poultry shed with a capacity of 1000 birds began in November 2019 and was completed on 10th March 2020.

The project has invested a total of Nu. 2.2M for poultry farm establishment. The support package includes poultry shed, input supply of 250 layers, feed for 2 months, electrification, water supply system installation, poultry feeder, and drinker. A total of 250 pullets will be also supplied to enable youths with continuous egg production.

The youths will be marketing their eggs soon. Currently, the farm produces 220 eggs per day on average and is expected to earn about Nu. 15,500 a week.

LUC Kheri has a formal contractual agreement with two schools, Tashitse.H.S.S and Wamrong L.S.S, to supply eggs weekly. This linkage was established through school linking programs initiated by RAMCO, Mongar with supports of the local administration and Gewog Agriculture Extension Centre.

Over a course of time, the youths plan to expand the farm with an additional 500 pullets and expand their market outreach to other Gewogs and Dzongkhags.

Information updates from Naina S. Tamang, Dzongkhag Livestock Officer and Samten, Extension Supervisor, Lumang gewog, Trashigang

Reported by: Chhimi Lhamo, GKMO, CARLEP

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