Online Reporting system of CARLEP started

February 2nd, 2017

The convention method of Annual Progress Reporting was tedious and time consuming, often giving a problem to the Programme Staffs during the report compilation. The issue of different reporting format was evident despite continuous effort from the programme side to maintain uniformity among the implementers.

Therefore, as a fight-back/remedy for the inconsistency of reporting format, CARLEP-OPM with the technical capacity from PSO (Project Support Officer) has developed an ‘Online Reporting System’ with the use of google sheet for APR (Annual Progress Report).

The google sheet which apparently became operational since Last September can be shared and edited online, making ideal for multiple agencies to work on a single file at the same time. The file has the activity specification against the respective agencies.


Following are some of the main advantages online storage of spreadsheet files:

  • Accessible from any Internet-connected computer
  • Allowing the right user to enter data or remove it
  • Shared access and editing in real time of online files
  • View the progress for other agencies
  • Update the progress on time through both online and offline methods.

While OPM is the owner of the sheet with full access right with M&EO, Dzongkhag Sector heads (DLO, DAO) and respective responsible persons from four regional agencies (ARDC, RLDC, RAMCO, FCBL) are the editors.

Editors’ have right to comment, copy, paste, download, print and add/delete data on/from ‘actual achievement’ column in respective sheets, Commenters’ have right only to comment and view and the Viewers’ can only view.

Upon entering the raw data by the implementers, it will automatically get updated in the ‘Consolidated’ sheet. Editing can be done on the sheet that’s been shared while other sheets remains protected.


To make the system familiar with the implementer, a demo was done during the workshop on ‘KM and GM Strategy’ development and a separate sensitization was done with some of the agencies.

This online reporting system is expected to increase the robustness of reporting and documenting in CARLEP.

-Compiled at KM section, OPM, CARLEP.

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