MPU construction at Trailing, Mongar underway

March 23rd, 2020

Construction of Milk Processing Unit (MPU) located at Trailing, Mongar is underway and is expected to complete by mid-June. This new structure will replace the existing MPU which is housed in the erstwhile Sunday vegetable market shed. MPU once completed will pool fresh milk from farmer groups of Themnangbi, Kilikhar, Yakpugang, Phosorong, and Ridaza. The milk collected will be processed in to diversity of products ranging from yoghurt, paneer, pasteurized milk, cheese and butter. Currently, the MPU processes around 550 liters of fresh milk daily into yoghurt. However, the groups produce approximately 1200 liters of milk daily that could ether be channeled to MPU or KIL, Chenari.

The current MPU, housed in the former vegetable market, is located far below the motorable road demanding more labor in further carrying milk manually from road head till MPU and vice-versa besides conventional design it has. Thus, the upcoming structure will not only solve the issue of unhygienic production but also ease labor burden and improves efficiency in product processing, storage and delivery.

The construction is being carried out at the cost of Nu. 3.4 million with fund support from CARLEP-IFAD to Mongar Dzongkhag Livestock Sector for 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Reported by: Norbu, CARLEP

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