A virtual meeting with CARLEP Finance Personnel Conducted

October 14th, 2020
A virtual meeting with the CARLEP finance personnel organized by the Office of the Programme Management (OPM), CARLEP has been conducted on 13th and 14th October 2020.
The objectives of the meeting is:
1. To bring together all CARLEP Accounts Personnel of Six eastern Dzongkhags and Regional Offices        and to update on some of the new initiatives and development in the management process and                system of IFAD
2. To discuss and deliberate on emerging issues and challenges faced by CARLEP finance personnel
3. To sensitization on Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWPB) and Procurement Plan (PP) for FY 2020-        2021 for CARLEP financing
4. To sensitize on revised Statement of Expenditure (SoE)
5. To update on e-Learning course on financial management of IFAD (Online certificate will be issued       if scores above 65 %)
6. To update financial progress report from FY 2015-2016 till FY 2019-2020
7. To update TDS, contractor and asset register book from inception of project till date
The meeting is expected to assist all the implementing agencies to perform efficiently and effectively amid COVID 19 pandemic.
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