Livelihoods concept towards production of organic Dairy Products

August 30th, 2017

Equipping the farmers with the knowledge and skills of the dairy value chains is one of the many intentions of CARLEP. Accordingly, the Dzongkhag Livestock sector of Lhuentse in collaboration with the Geog Livestock Officer of Menjey conducted a day-long consultation meeting with the 25 farmers of ‘Menjey Dairy Group’ on 24th August, 2017.

They deliberated on various cross-cutting themes and issues to generate the threshold/maximum advantage of forming the first dairy group in the community.

Currently, the dairy group produces more than 200 liters of milk per day. The group process the milk into end products like cheese and butter, and, does the collective marketing to the local consumers and the nearby schools.

Upon seeing the demand of the community to the dairy products, the group also has the plan to start with the Yoghurt plant in order to add values to the products.

With the financial support of CARLEP-IFAD, the group members and the executive members received the training on Book/record keeping earlier this year. The group now has a stabilized saving schemes and also the group mobilization by-laws.

As dairy farming is a source of livelihoods for many rural farmers in the east, Menjey Dairy Group aims to adhere the production of the organic dairy products (without any added preservatives) to attract more consumers. The members expect to make the group a lucrative enterprise to make their livings.

Reported by Phurba Tshering (ADLO, Lhuentse) and Karma Wangmo.

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