Institutionalization of Online Reporting System in CARLEP

October 20th, 2017

CARLEP is built on the lessons learned and the achievements of the past projects and programmes supported by IFAD in Bhutan, and, one of the most important lessons learned was the ‘poor progress reporting system’.

The conventional method of Annual Progress Reporting was tedious and time-consuming, often creating problems for the Programme Staff during the report compilation because of the ‘non-uniform reporting formats.’ The issue of different reporting formats was evident despite continuous effort from the programme management side to maintain uniform progress reporting formats among the implementers.

Therefore, as a remedy for the inconsistency in reporting format, the programme management office of CARLEP with the technical capacity from PSO (Project Support Officer) developed an ‘Online Reporting System’ with the use of Google sheet for APR (Annual Progress Report). This online reporting system was formally institutionalized among the implementer of CARLEP and came into operation in September, 2016.

Read the full story: Here.

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