Inspiring the dairy farmers of Lhuentse towards sufficient production of winter feeds and fodders.

September 9th, 2017

The Dzongkhag Livestock sector of Lhuentse conducted a demonstration trainings on the proper usage and operations of chaff cutters to 32 (23 females and 9 males) dairy farmers on 1st to 3rd September, 2017.

The demonstration training was provided to create awareness on fodder conservation technology and the methods to conserve the locally available fodder resources to reduce the severity of the winter fodder shortages in the communities.

One of the participant Ms. Rinchen Lhazon said, “I am seeing this technology for the first time, and, I learned that this technology will be very useful for all the dairy farmers like me.”

Ms. Rinchen also shared that she spent more than two hours to chop a bundle of Napier grass which can be chopped within few minutes by the chaff cutter. She is hopeful that the chaff cutter will reduce her time in collecting and cutting the feeds and fodders and also improve the feed quality.

A total of 10 chaff cutters was procured by the Dzongkhag Livestock sector in 2016-17 on a cost-sharing basis of 80:20, where 80% was borne from CARLEP and 20% from the beneficiaries. The Dzongkhag Livestock sector has the plan to procure some more similar chaff cutters to facilitate sufficient feed resources and promote better animal nutrition. These 10 chaff cutters are currently benefiting to more than 50 households.

The demonstration training was funded from CARLEP and the technical assistance was provided by the resource person from the livestock sector of Trashigang Dzongkhag.

Reported by: Phurpa Tshering (Asst. Dzongkhag Livestock Officer) and Tshegay Norbu (Livestock Production Officer), Lhuentse Dzongkhag.

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