Inauguration of Dryland Irrigation Scheme at Thridangbi Chiwog

September 14th, 2022

Mongar Dzongkhag agriculture sector has implemented a dryland irrigation scheme (Multi Use Scheme) in Thridangbi Chiwog in Saling gewog for the fiscal year 2021-2022.  Although the village has great potential for growing various horticultural and cereal crops, it relied solely on rainfed agriculture due to water scarcity. To address this issue, the 7.6 km dryland irrigation scheme was planned and implemented to initiate commercialization of vegetables and other crops. CARLEP supported the total expenditure of Nu. 6.3 million, while beneficiaries contributed Nu. 1.488 million in the form of labour. A total of 48 households from Sershingthang, Ngangtangla, Yongkala, Dingdor and Khashtong are benefiting from this scheme.

The Gewog and Dzongkhag Administration organized an inaugural ceremony on 12th September 2022 to commemorate the completion of the work and handover the scheme to the community.  The event was graced by Programme Director of CARLEP, Thridangbe gomday lam, local leaders, officials from the Dzongkhag administration and Thridangbi community.

Reported by: Ugyen Wangdi, CM Agriculture, OPM

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