IFAD’s Implementation Support Mission (ISM) to Bhutan for CARLEP

March 15th, 2017

CARLEP is receiving the first ‘Implementation Support Mission’ from IFAD, commencing from 19th till 30th March, 2017.

Two members from IFAD; Mr. Emmaunel Jouve (Climate Adaptation Specialist) and Mr. Kaushal Man Shresthra (M&E and Knowledge Management Specialist) are leading the Mission.

The key objective of the ISM is to review the progress of CARLEP since its first Supervision Mission (15 Oct- 02 Nov, 2016.) The mission will focus on ongoing prgramme activities, review the various guidelines and strategies developed for the Programme thus far and follow up on the agreed actions and the value chain activities. The Mission will also provide the hands-on Implementation support to the programme team in resolving the emergencies issues.

The mission will be fielding various programme sites in the six Programme Dzongkhags to showcase some of the activities that are been done under IFAD’s financing to Bhutan.

Tentatively, the mission has the field visit programme from 20th to 27th March until the mission team will gather at OPM (Office of Progarmme Management) to draw the ISM Report and the agreed actions endorsed by the Programme, MoAF and the IFAD.

The mission itinerary is already been made available to the concerned officials. And we are expecting the sector heads and the Extension Officers to provide us the good and continued supports as always.

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