Handing-Taking of the CARLEP Programme

April 3rd, 2017

The formal Handing-Taking of the CARLEP Programme was convened today at OPM between the out-going Programme Director, Mr Tashi Wangdi and the incoming Programme Director, Mr Dorji Wangchuk.

On this auspicious function, particularly for CARLEP, I and the OPM family on behalf of all the implementing agencies (ARDC Wengkhar, RLDC kanglung, RAMCO, FCBL and the six Eastern Dzongkhag and also the IFAD) would like to ‘Congratulate and welcome Mr. Dorji Wangchuk to the Programme.

And to our out-going Programme Director, thank you for uplifting CARLEP to this stage. You have been the most dynamic and the vigilant Programme Director with a very higher sense of foreseeing the future. It’s with your hard work, dedication and sincerity that the Programme is grounded well. Your dreams of making CARLEP a model programme by the end of the Programme period and your goals of addressing and achieving all the designed objectives of the Programme shall abide our forthcoming works. Thank you for all your contributions for the Programme and thank you more for the promise to keep supporting the Programme even in your physical absence in the OPM. We wish a very successful years ahead. Not to forget, ‘Congratulation sir’ for your forthcoming career as a ‘Chief in Production Division’ in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

As the CARLEP bids the farewell to the out-going PD, we equally welcome our in-coming PD. We are looking forward to have the same or even better working spirits under the new leadership.

-Karma Wangmo (GKMO)

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