Farmers from Remote Mongar visit Institutions & Commercial Farms in Mongar

June 6th, 2017

Silambi is one of the remotest Geogs in Mongar Dzongkhag identified for “Targeted Interventions” under CARLEP. In order to provide exposure and educate the farmers on available farming technology options, a week long study visit was organized by Geog extension with fund support from CARLEP-IFAD, Wengkhar. The tour program was also organized as part of creating awareness on commercial farming. A total of 23 farmers (6 women and 17 men) from 5 Chiwogs of Silambi participated in the program.

During the visit farmers were taken to observe commercial activities in Mongar area. These are commercial farms established by ARDC Wengkhar and the Dzongkhag Agriculture sector. The group on their way to Lingmethang visited some of the farmers’ field; visited a dairy farm in Kalapang; vegetables seed production and fruit nursery farm in Redaza;

They also visited various institutes like ARDC Wengkhar & its sub-centre at Lingmethang; Regional Pig & Poultry Breeding Farm (RPPBF); and Mountain Hazelnut Venture in Lingmethang. The participants met and interacted, with researchers from respective institutes, on new or recent farming technologies for enhancing farm income.

Through this visit, it is expected that the farmers’ know-how on modern farming has been enhanced and accordingly contribute to the CARLEP’s objective of enhancing rural income. In fact an eight member vegetable group has been formed to upscale vegetable production in the geog. Further, other farmers will also be focusing on increasing the production of chili, cabbage, cauliflower and beans.

-Reported by SonamDorji (ES, Gongdu and Silambi) and Compiled by Karma Wangmo (GKMO, CARLEP) & Dorji Wangchuk (PD, CARLEP)

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