Farmers attended training on banana Chip Processing

December 26th, 2016

A hands on training on Banana Chips processing was organized from 22nd-24th December, 2016 by the Agriculture Extension Agent Mr. Karma Jamtsho of Norbugang Gewog, Pemagatshel with the technical assistance from Integrated Fruit Processing Plant at Lingmethang.

A total of 22 farmers (12 female and 10 male) of which 7 early school leavers from Manchu Village attended the three days training program.

According to the organizer Mr. Karma, the training was proposed and initiated upon the request made by a group of five early school leavers. And it was intended to create opportunity for them to start and engage in farming businesses and also for the proper usage of available community resources like banana which are  abundant locally.

Mr. Karma also highlighted that such type of training which was provided for the first time has already captured the interest of the community.”Everybody is rushing to get similar training opportunities, if possible.” He said.

For the time being, the community and the EA has focused on Nganglam town as a potential market for their product. Mr. Karma has also pointed out that ‘while training was successful, the only constraints for the people to do the replication is that they doesn’t have the processing equipment and the accessories.’

Meanwhile, the training was provided under CARLEP financing to the Dzongkhag.

-Compiled at KM section, OPM. We acknowledge Mr. Karma for the information.

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