CARLEP to Convene a Annual Writeshop from 24th June-28th June 2019 at Trashigang.

June 19th, 2019

All nominees of the respective dzongkhags and agencies are required to attend the writeshop from 24th-28th of June 2019 which is to be held in Druk Deojung Resort’s conference hall at Trashigang. The writeshop will be conducted at 9 am.

Through the writeshop, participants will take home ideas and skills of producing publishable quality article, case studies and reports. They will gain enhanced awareness on techniques of writing paper of  academic journals. They will build capacity to think critically and produce a written stories on CARLEP implemented regions.

The invitation letter and prior notices has been sent to concerned officials via email on 12th June 2019. The copy of it can be found Here





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