Training on the Summer Vegetable Seed Growers conducted

March 10th, 2017

The three days training programme from 8-10th March, 2017, on the summer vegetable seed growers has been conducted at ARDC (Agriculture Research and Development Center) at Wengkhar. The session was in-line with the need to create additional vegetable seed growers in the region.

A total of 16 farmers; 6 female and 10 male from the six Eastern Dzongkahgs (Pemagatshel, Lhuentse, Mongar, Trashigang, Trashi Yangtse and Samdrup Jongkhar) attended the training session, organized by ARDC with the fund support from CARLEP.

The training session covered the various topics, focusing on:

  1. Vegetable seed production techniques
  2. Protected cultivation for vegetables and
  3. Farm Record Keeping.

The resource person from RAMCO facilitated the session on Farm Record Keeping using the prescribed format on Stock Register, Cash and Bank Book, Harvest Record Form, Production Record and Money Receipt.

The Farm Record Keeping was encouraged among the farmers for the efficient capital management, business analysis, planning base, taxation purpose, visible cost saving, avoiding invisible losses, for easy auditing and efficient control of cash flow and liquidity in the farm.

According to Ms. Sonam Lhadon, aged 30 from Tsakaling geog, the training session provided them the insights on commercialization and the improved crop varieties. She said, ‘I have learnt a lot on different techniques on seed production. And going back to the village, I will practically implement the lessons learnt from this training in my field and help my fellow village mates to replicate it in their field as well.’ She also added that, ‘in the field and farming, women are usually more innovative than men.’

Ms. Sonam expressed her gratefulness and the appreciation to ARDC and CARLEP for organizing such training session.

Similarly, Mr. Ugyen Rinchen, 53 of Narang geog said that the session was very helpful for the farmers like him who is not much exposed to different techniques of seed growing.

He said, ‘going back to the village, I want to raise a nursery entirely for seed production and start the business on it. Moreover, I want to help my other village mates who couldn’t attend the training course.’

The participants said the session on Farm Record Keeping was new and also the most helpful learning which has encouraged them to keep the record on all the farm activities.

At the end of the training session, the participants were provided with the inputs such as poly-house materials, sprinklers, irrigation pipes, knapsack sprayers and seeds for the post activity implementation.

-Reported though KM Section, OPM

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