A training on ‘Radish Pickling’ conducted with the women of Tsakaling, Mongar.

May 20th, 2017

With the technical assistance from the Post-harvest and Production unit of Lingmethang, Ms. Kinley Wangmo along with the Agriculture Extension of Tsakaling geog, a training on ‘radish pickling’ was conducted at ARDSC (Agriculture Research and Development sub-center) at Lingmethang on 19th May, 2017.

Among the total of 21 farmers who have received the training, 20 were female and four were the early school leavers.

The training was conducted with two sets of goals; short term and the long term goals. While the short term goal was to add-value and diversify the post-production to increase its market value, the long term goal was to create opportunities for youth-employment to retain them back at the villages.

However, not-limiting to these two sets of goals, the training was also to help the rural women to improve their livelihoods. The pickling of the radish will certainly help the rural women to fetch the cash income.

According to the Agriculture Extension of Tsakaling, Ms. Sonam Delkar, “radish is an abundant vegetable in the farmers’ field but with low market value. Thus, pickling of this available vegetable is a means to increase its value to support the rural livelihoods.”

The training was funded by CARLEP-IFAD’s financing.

-Reported by Sonam Delkar (ES, Tsakaling) and Karma Wangmo (GKMO, CARLEP.)

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