Farmer to Farmer Extension Program

August 23rd, 2022

Lead Farmer Gaydhuen Jamtsho of Minji Lhuentse bring his extended farmers for a study trip to ARDC Wengkgar on 22/8/2022 to reinforce what he taught his neighbour’s after completing our Lead farmers training.

Gaydhuen is one of our most active Lead farmers. He has trained more than 100 farmers demonstrating good practices he acquired from the trainings at  ARDC Wengkhar under CARLEP IFAD / MoAF Lead Farmers Program.

This year he focused his attention to Zham village of Minji which is a far-flung chiwog in his geog. Gaydhuen plays the role of an aggregator, trainer and is also a grafting experts. He is often hired by MHV Pvt Ltd for grafting of hazel nuts. He also provides green house establishment services assisting the centre and the Dzongkhag in expanding agriculture extension services.

The visit is organized by Gaydhuen along with farmers with support from Dzongkhag, ARDC Wengkhar and schools. For the sucessful trip, the dzongkhag supported  for fueling of bus, schools lended their bus  and ARDC supported working lunch. Unlike in the past, no other subsistence allowances are paid to help reduce cost in extension services.

Farmer to farmer extension services contributes to enhancing the effectiveness and sustainability of agriculture extension services.

Updates from Lhap Dorji, Program Director, ARDC Wengkhar

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